new terrain

IMGP0226There was a baby born on the farm this week. Wow. A whole new person has had the start of his life just up the road. After a very long labor, Hannah and Jesse finally got to lay their hands on the precious bundle that arrived to them on the morning of Christmas eve. I do believe it is a gift they will never ever forget.

Welcome to the world, Further Collett Frost. May your life be long and blessed. I know your parents are so happy to have you with them. I know also that your new neighbors just down the road are pretty thrilled that your are here, too.IMGP0223Not only was a new baby born here on the farm this week, a new family was born, too. Hannah and Jesse are now united by the blood that flows so miraculously through their baby’s veins. Until you go through the experience of laboring and birthing a child first hand, there are no words to offer the expectant mother that can truly prepare her for the experience. There are no words to offer the expectant father, either. There is no possible way to describe the magnitude of emotion that you will feel gush from your heart.  We each have our own unique experience that will likely never unfold in the same way for any other person. Our stories are our own.IMGP0227

And while my friends are navigating the new terrain of parenthood, I can’t help but reflect on those times in my own life. Nearly eleven years ago now, my first born made his way into the world. It seems very hard to believe Ira is about to turn eleven. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that he was a fat little bundle of love, cooing and slobbering and smelling of breast milk. Now when I look at him, still seeing the baby and the boy all mixed up together and all at the same time, I see where his life has been and imagine where it is heading. Each and every day he arrives at the threshold of some new terrain, and each and every day I do my best to not hold on to the baby, but to encourage the boy on his journey. This isn’t always easy for a mother… I know it isn’t easy for me. Recently, he has really taken to hunting. With a gun. It terrifies me completely and thoroughly. When we went to visit my family over the holidays, my brother loaned Ira the small shotgun that he first learned to hunt with when he was a boy Ira’s age. I suppose that has been about thirty-seven years ago. I’m sure my parents had the same internal struggles I now face as they encouraged their boy on his journey. IMGP0218

So while I am not one to offer “helpful parenting advice”, I will say this to my dear friends as they head into their own unchartered territory with their baby and as a family… Cherish every moment for time really does fly. And love. Just love.

2 thoughts on “new terrain

  1. Lovely post and such sweet photos. The baby’s little legwarmers are adorable and is that a handknitted cowl on your daughter, the talented little knitter?

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