right now :: holding down the fort

my biggest guys are on the coast, the pacific coast, enjoying the beauty of california and the company of awesome family.




i know, you all gaze upon my son eating fresh harvested crab and my man hovering over the cliffs of big sur and think i might be envious.  i thought the same as i anticipated their departure. wallowing in self pity about the chores i would have to do solo, tending to everything in their absence. alas, that is not how it is playing out here on the farm. with 2 big eaters hovering in someone else’s kitchen, i have so much time on my hands. me and my other two wander in the woods before and after chores, meal time is a breeze, the hollow is calm. we are having a staycation of sorts and while it is perhaps less exciting than  winter travel, it is lovely.

friends, before you think me too entirely selfless, i am already beginning plans for OUR trip to the relatives, watch out Mann Family Farm, the rest will arrive in June!!


3 thoughts on “right now :: holding down the fort

  1. Hi Robin. I love stay-cations! They do look rather happy out in California though.
    Happy New Year to you. We have been doing birthdays and I am ready for a
    break. Jessy turned 30, and I turned…..39. Ha!

    Lots of love. mIss seeing you. I enjoy your blog though.


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