IMGP0320There’s a boy very dear to my heart that turned eleven yesterday. At his request, the whole family played a very long-winded game of Monopoly. Oh, my, that game. Today, we’ll make homemade wood-fired pizzas (his favorite) and some kind of sweet treat (also his favorite: anything sweet). We would have done it yesterday, but I got a late start on making the cheese due to the intense game-playing! He doesn’t mind the wait though. What kid doesn’t like to be celebrated for multiple days in a row, instead of just one? I’m incredibly thankful for his life and the intense, passionate way in which he lives it.

It was 3 degrees on the protected front porch this morning when I left to go and milk the cow. I’m sure out in the open it was colder, and the wind chill put the temperatures in the negative. I was certainly thankful to feel the warm sun creep up above the trees enough to feel the warmth on my back while I was milking. I’m thankful for a cow’s consistent needs and the impact it has on my own consistency. If not for Lilly, I probably would have stayed in the house complaining about how cold it was outside, sipping coffee. Because of her, I embraced the cold and felt my own vim and vigor so much more strongly. And I was incredibly thankful, when the chores were done, to head down to the house and see the swirling spirals of wood smoke coming out of the chimneys.

There’s a warm cup of coffee with fresh cream waiting for me on the stove right now. My feet are defrosting. I can feel my fingers again.  I am thankful, indeed.IMGP0315

5 thoughts on “thankful

  1. Happy birthday Ira 🎉🎂🎈.. We hope your wood fired pizza & tasty sweet dessert are as amazing as you are!
    We love you .. Uncle Denny, Aunt Cass,
    Cyd & Ema!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Ira, the smartest boy in the world! 🎈

    Look at this logo!!!! Love love love!!!



  3. You have nicely expressed several of the emotions which go along with farming and with living off the land. Much of what we do requires hard work and sacrifice. It’s not always comfortable. It’s not always fun. But, at the end of the day, those who live this life know that what they do is good and right. Thanks for reminding me of this. D

  4. Not so long ago, on a rather brisk day in January, my son had his 13th birthday. Brave the cold, take a hike then hot chocolate and Monopoly. Happy birthday to your boy.

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