right now :: the golden goose

IMGP0370The past few days have been amazing. Sunny. Spring-like. Full. The sunsets have been these outrageous, long-winded spectacles that don’t seem to want to stop. Just when I feel like the sky couldn’t get any prettier, I get way-layed by colors even more magnificent than the moment before. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me when the sky was hot pink and deep purple and looking like it might explode. It was during this moment of euphoria that I was stumbling about the chicken’s paddock, collecting eggs and such, that something caught my eye. I’m actually surprised I saw it because my eyes were more upturned than down, but there on the ground in the chicken’s egg coop was a little wallowed out spot, and one big goose egg. The first one from the goslings we raised in the spring. I was already feeling pretty overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment, but to then find a big ole goose egg! The moment was certainly golden, even if the egg was not!IMGP0358

5 thoughts on “right now :: the golden goose

  1. Wow, a goose egg! I’ve never seen one. Do they just lay them outside like that on the ground? Once they get started, do they lay as frequently as chickens?

    • I think maybe this is the first goose egg I’ve seen as well… at least in real life! Yes, they lay them on the ground. I’m guessing they would utilize a nest if we provided one, but they can’t get up into the chicken’s nests as they are too high. Now that I know they are laying, I would like to figure out some kind of nest arrangement for them. And no, from what I understand, geese do not at all lay as frequently as chickens. We haven’t eaten it yet, but I’ll bet they are rich like duck eggs… yum!

  2. We used to raise Africans … now we have Toulouse. That first egg of the season is always a great surprise isn’t it? You had better arrange some nesting materials out-of-the way or she’ll deposit them here and there each day until she’s done for the season. There are minor variations between breeds, but they’ll often lay 20-30 before they get down to the business of setting. I wonder whether yours means business … ours won’t get serous until April or so. Maybe your warmer temperatures predictably bring on the eggs much before us? And, they sure are a treat to eat! Enjoy and have fun …

    • We are looking forward to eating some goose eggs, as I’ve never had one. Are they at all like duck eggs? I imagine they are, and duck egg omelets are pretty divine. I’m wondering… do geese need to be on water for successful mating? I feel like I read that somewhere, but can’t recall the source. Have you ever heard this? Thanks… Cher

      • I’m not sure I’ve heard that about the breeding habits of geese … but I can report that ours seem to make babies just fine and without water. That being said, our geese spend the summer with a wading pool to cool off. That goes out well after breeding takes place however.

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