busy-ness with buttercream

there was definitely a moment last night that i thought to myself, hmmm, perhaps you are doing a bit too much. it was the first boil off of the sugarin’ season and the eve of my daughter’s birthday party. last year we inaugurated a madeline birthday/super bowl party combo that was such a success, we had to do it again this year. it has us friends together all day and into the night, a rare treat, so football fans and the rest of us embrace this lovely confluence of events. but, back to my overwhelmed moment.

so, i had a stock pot of maple syrup finishing on the kitchen stove, a layer cake to make, a birthday lunch and super bowl themed dinner to begin for the festive day that lie ahead and a starving family of five that have been tending fire and moving gallon after gallon of maple sap around. in this moment, upon some reflection, an amazing thing happened. i learned something. something delightful, sweet and lovely.

my daughter can bake her own birthday cake. not a sheet cake friends, not my daughter. a double layer white cake with chocolate butter cream filling and vanilla butter cream icing.  i offered only my presence in the kitchen as we worked on different projects. actually all of us danced in my kitchen, sasha tended the maple syrup (he too could do this alone, but this is madeline’s story), paul baked football themed desserts and william helped each of us.

my dear daughter turns twelve this week, her chinese zodiac cycles again. to celebrate the year of the ram and the lambing season that just began on the farm, the decoration of the cake was obvious.


happy birthday to my sweet girl.


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