upping the ante

birthdays seem to come in pairs around here. paul’s birthday comes right on the heels of madeline’s and sometimes it is hard to muster up the energy to do another round of celebrating. so soon. more cake?


this year, with a new baker rising to the head position, honoring the day of dad’s birth seemed no trouble at all. luck would have it that we also had an errand day in town wedged between the birthdays. and so it happened  that we found ourselves in a crafts store. you can imagine how unsafe that can be with two artists in their birthday week, but i tried to keep calm and focused. we remained frugal and left with only one splurge: a 6 piece cake decorating set.

my daughter’s cake left little room for improvement, but she did a wonder on dad’s confection. a white cake with lemon curd filling, topped with lemon butter cream. piped with her new tool in basket weave. a cake honoring her dad, the weaver, and indulging in our own abundance of farm fresh meyer lemons.


our home is full of birthday love, our bellies ache for some greens, and a new week begins.

8 thoughts on “upping the ante

  1. Lovely cake Madeline! Happy Birthday to you both. I am so enjoying reading these Radical Farmwives posts! Hopefully at some point I can contribute:-) Have a beautiful year~ Lynn Blankenship

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