piano lessons

perhaps i am not alone in my  parental efforts to limit (even eliminate entirely)the influx of plastic toys. we have worked so hard to let folks know that we don’t want our home full of the battery operated, noise making, bright and shiny items that line the typical children’s shelves. we have done fairly well, but over the years there have been many a kind hearted acquaintance that feels we are depriving our children. they are confident they are doing our children a serious favor by passing one of said items along.

there have been vehicles and sing alongs, trucks and cranes, button pressing educational tricks, high pitched voices responding to a belly button push, but they all, each and every one of these, have had one thing in common: my children love them!


and so it came to pass that a friend passed down to william a battery operated keyboard. this puppy is top of the line, press a button and you can hear “if you’re happy and you know it”. press a different button and you get the rhythm section. it has a plug in microphone and can do a decent rendition of “oh susana”


so friends, this battery guzzlin’ toy came into our home as winter shuffles into spring. please keep in mind it has been a long, snowy, cold winter here in the kentucky hills. william loved the piano, he learned quickly which buttons got him to his favorite tune, he sang and clapped and somewhere in that last snowstorm, i just embraced the toy. i had no intention of replacing the batteries, but honestly, it wasn’t the worst. i am still scarred from the darn battery operated crane that was gifted to my oldest so many years ago. this keyboard wasn’t half bad.

maybe it has been a long winter. perhaps we are all a bit delirious from cabin fever. i don’t know. but hey, “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”.

piano two

4 thoughts on “piano lessons

  1. I totally understand … we too tried to limit plastic and batteries. All of life, however, is a series of trade-offs … in the balance I believe your family has gained more from this present acquisition than it has given up.

  2. You are not alone. I hear ya and feel the frustration too! every here and there when my daughter would get a gift like that we would let her keep it if it was something she really liked. funny when the next “clean out” day came and she was asked to go through her toys, it seemed often that those were the toys she would choose to donate

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