oh spring….really

i was having bad thoughts. really bad thoughts. strong words like hate came forth from my mouthwhat was i thinking of, you ask, that elicited such awfulness?

spring. yes spring.

this is the season that farmers are supposed to love. one would suppose the greening hopeful life giving time of year would inspire me to say something positive. spring is about renewal and rebirth and energy and here i am caught saying things such as “i hate spring”

i mean really.



just as i had caught myself again muttering under my breath i get this email from a friend trying to make contact in the emerging busyness that is engulfing me and my family. guess what? check out what she wrote:

Last year during this time, you were saying you hate spring – which cracked me up – not many folks brave that statement

OK, phew, puts this in perspective, it is an annual event. time to write about it. let’s sort out these feelings and maybe help some other farmer or farmwife out there feel a bit better about cursing march.


spring is a tough time. we are motivated to get a jump on the big busy season that creeps closer. the days lengthen and warming trends draw the family out of doors. spring is also chilly. our short winters haven’t allowed me to finish all i set out to do in the”off season” .i can still linger quite comfortably near the fire. of course, spring is wet, so wet. really wet. it is a tough time to really do anything. some years we are lucky enough to get a dry spell and get plants out there then comes a down pour and drowns them out. get a head start on tender crops and get wiped out with a late last hard frost (and yes, despite the balmy 60 degrees we saw today, many more frosts are in our future, for sure)

i suppose my point is, spring is a daily, ongoing battle between what you want to do and what is realistic to do. spring is a dance between the increasing energy to engage in outdoor physical work and the lingering desire to stay close to the woodstove. spring is a transition. despite all of the hope for the season ahead, even with the promise of greener pastures and the taste for the salads to come, transitions are painful.


today was all the glory spring can be. the perfect day to write about this. i hung the laundry out on the line instead of on the rack by the wood stove. the children frolicked happily in the mud which is not nearly as nasty when the sun shines. it was a great moment in the up and down, high and low, stop and go season that is spring. if nothing else, despite my personal seasonal mood swings, the ducks are consistently, extremely happy!




9 thoughts on “oh spring….really

  1. Normally I would try to disagree with you, but this spring is proving particularly difficult for me (us). The one really bright spot I have found is that at least one of my curry trees managed to survive the wretched late winter freezes.

  2. Mud! Yuck! I understand the spring love-hate thing. Love the warmer temps, hate the things it brings with it………mud, the deception that warm temps are here to stay and it won’t freeze again. At least the ducks are in a good mood with it.

  3. I’m with you on the lack of warm feelings for the warming up of Spring. It IS a big transition, yes a good one, but it requires some motivation to get in the groove. Some people seem to think it is all pretty daffodils and green grass perfectness, but I happen to like white Winters and cozy time inside, and the big Spring change can cause some mood swings in me too.

    • glad you agree, i was feeling sort of guilty there for a while, putting it out here is helping sort it all out. THANKS for the comments and as always thanks for reading.

  4. We are in the middle our mud-season here in PA. There’s still just a bit of snow on the ground, but not much. I am hoping the pastures will begin to produce … soon … and so do the sheep. D

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