right now :: birdhouses

IMGP0658I was awakened by birdsong this morning. Delicious crisp and cheerful birdsong. That accompanied by the sound of the creek flowing and gurgling and bubbling past the house was not a bad way to greet the morning, I’ll say. The grass is really beginning to green up now. The mud isn’t quite so gushy (well, until the next round of rain settles in, that is) and the little forest birds and meadow birds are beginning to arrive from distant places. A few days ago, the Louisiana water thrush made its voice heard for the first time this spring. We mark their arrival on our calendar as each day marches us closer to spring.IMGP0630IMGP0637With all of the bird activity, and with a couple of gorgeous sun-filled days, Eric and his dad (Pap Pap) along with the helping hands of the children, set to making some sweet new homes for our feathered friends. Throughout the winter months, as we are cutting firewood,  Eric will set aside hollow sections of logs for the very purpose of making birdhouses. We seem to be making this an annual tradition and add to our collection of birdie-homes all over the farm each spring… when our friends are eagerly searching out suitable nesting spots. Eric had just finished building a new mineral feeder for the livestock so all of his tools were already easily accessible… and then the weather was just so nice and the birds were singing so brightly… it just seemed the perfect time for this project to happen. Now we can’t wait to see the vacant little houses become occupied with bird families!IMGP0660

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