hands on

I’m trying, really trying, to not stop making things with yarn just because it’s growing season.  This is my late-March attempt.  Nothing too challenging.water bottle 2

Around here, we generally carry water around in glass jars.  Quart mason jars are plentiful in our lives and not as easy to drop behind a couch cushion as a pretty slim stainless water bottle.  Of course this also means we field jokes about moonshine when we carry our select water bottles into town, which is just fine.

Ever since we had an unfortunate, and expensive, episode with a broken quart mason jar on our way up the hill one afternoon (it involved the local emergency room and stitches, ’nuff said), I’ve been thinking of creative ways to carry glass jars.

This is my favorite idea so far.  The pattern is based on one found in the very fun book, Crochet One Skein Wonders by Judy Durant and Edie Eckman.  The yarn is from Hill and Hollow Farm, color Indigo Meets Goldenrod (just enough left over after making my wonderful hat) with a little cotton trim to cover where the green left off.water bottle 1

Drink water, breathe deep!



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