in it

there is nothing that screams “start” like the arrival of the season’s first apprentice

here in the hollow we begin emerging from our winter’s “rest” as the days really start to lengthen. usually in early february we actively start to work in the greenhouse. we slowly shift from a life focused almost entirely around the woodstove’s heat to one that eventually encompasses all of our farm’s acreage.  first with ordering seed then finding the notebooks to chart our our field maps, then in the blink of an eye it seems,  we have stopped hauling fire wood and started mowing the grass.


although sometimes it feels somewhat startling, the transition is really rather gradual. there is however nothing gradual about the moment when our first guest arrives. the winter is most definitely our time off from hosting. we focus inward on our family, our home, our personal projects. when the season starts to roll, there comes a day that we open our doors once again to folks coming here to work and learn with us.

we have hosted short and long term visitors here for as long as we can remember. each year is as different as the individuals that join us. one thing does remain the same year in and year out, once we have an apprentice on the farm the pace quickens, the schedule instantly becomes more rigid, and A LOT gets done. muscles already sore ache a bit more and we take a deep breath and face the season ahead.


we welcomed our first WWOOFer this past week. a horticulturist from southern california, she is a perfect match for our early season hosting. she keeps a great pace, knows her plants, and can mix concrete with an about to turn 4 year old assistant.

here we are, for better or worse,for drier or wetter, we’re in it.

here we go 2015. here we go.


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