the farmwives kitchen

these are the leanest times on the homestead. maybe lean is not the right word, boring is really more accurate. while the cupboard still holds some canned delights and the freezer still has a smattering of this and that, we are basically sick of our winter diet. spring greens are growing, but that enormous salad that we all crave is still out of reach. miraculously the woods offer one of the tastiest treats, morel mushrooms, around here called dry land fish. my oldest is a decent forager and right after a boring breakfast of eggs, again, he fled to the hills.

when i returned to the house after a day in the gardens last week, i found this



the hundred dollar bill was laid out for scale my teenager claimed, not the assessed value!

9 thoughts on “the farmwives kitchen

  1. Pretty cool. I’m currently re-reading Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” and just read the part about morels. I know that people do gather them around here in PA, but I have never gone morel hunting myself.

  2. I know the feeling of a bare cupboard and wanting fresh veggies . Even though I have a greenhouse designed to not onlt provide fresh greens in the winter but also to start seedlings above those beds which later are used to dry foods . IN the spring all the plants in the greenhouse and even in the gardens are busy going to seed so I can only collect some flowering tops for eating . A bit earlier I get kales and wintercress but when the gardens are tilled there sure isn’t much . Thank goodness for dandelion ,a fresh flush of Shitakes and the first asperagus.I have never seen or tasted Morels. I heard rumers that they do grow in Southern Dalaware but I have never seen any . The Rhubarb is now almost ready to harvest and the strawberries are blooming . People call and want to buy fresh foods as this time of year when there isn’t any .I wish they would call later . All I have is lots of eggs! 🙂

    • oh the beloved spring eggs.
      luckily we have a great stand of overwintered swiss chard to i am whipping up swiss chard quiche quite regularly. we have had our first strawberries too, but i am just waiting for those salads.

  3. There was word that after the 2013 yosemite fires the morels were thought to be all over that burned area…but alas, my son was out there hunting..just north of placervile, CA… last weekend with friends and found nothing….I’ve never eaten one !!!…have enjoyed your many musings over the years…you make farming sound like a passion!!!

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