There’s a whole lot of big stuff happening in my family right now. Big stuff that runs the gamut from awesome to terrible and that I’m not quite ready to put to words here. Not yet. Sometimes, my thoughts can overwhelm me and send me spiraling down, down, down. Especially right now in the heat of the spring rush and lambing season and maintaining some semblance of rhythm with my family. It is during these times that I really benefit from looking about myself and seeing the little things that bring me such joy. The little things that I am incredibly thankful for. The beacons that help me regain my balance and focus when the storms rage…

… like the lightning bugs that are just emerging for the season. More and more grace the darkness each night. Sometimes they even find their way into my bedroom and dazzle me with their light.

… and like the red eft. Magical woodland creature that it is.IMGP0873

… and this.IMGP1014

… and like the lambs, eighty-some of them now, schooling together like fish and doing their popcorn dance just for the fun of it.

… and these. Especially when they are fried in butter.IMGP0822

… and sun-bathing at the creek. The air still chilly, but the sun oh-so warm.

… and hillsides covered in these, white trilliums, swaying and dancing in the breeze.IMGP0943

 … and driving through the pasture and smelling a black cherry tree in full bloom. There is no other smell like it on the planet.

Really. Truly. I have so much to be thankful for.

I could go on, but I won’t. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts here, and for reading along. I feel better already. I hope you do, too.

7 thoughts on “thankful

  1. I understand your reticent to put into words what is going on around you; I find myself in a similar situation where there is a lot of change happening around me. It seems to be a year of things ending (either events, places, or lives), and I’m trying to think of it in terms of not what I’ll be missing, but what may come out of the space these endings leave behind.

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