sunrise in gallatin

we actually started our 16th CSA delivery season last saturday, may 9th. that happened to be the sixteenth birthday of my oldest, ’twas also my middle dear’s annual dance recital. i did mentally compose a chaotic concept of a post that never made it past my mind to your computer screen last week. perhaps for obvious reasons. ahem.

this weekend, we had the 2nd delivery of the season, but the first for the mom and kid team. the fine art of leaving the farm at 4:00 am with 60 families’ vegetables for the week, market signage, tables, display items, and my family’s provisions for the 14 plus hour day, is one we have worked hard to perfect over these years.


this season’s start was one of great anticipation for many reasons, it always is energizing to reconnect with our farm’s supporters after a winter’s off. the return of summer’s highly caffeinated super urban socialization is one we really do delight in! this year however there has been a huge transition at our delivery site, the metro nashville farmers market., making our return to town that much more exciting.

after years of planning and envisioning, this well established destination transitioned from a re sellers market to a producer’s only venue highlighting the finest of the local area farmers and artisans. this shift was do dramatic there have been fine folks on either side of the heated debate. for our family, we were just plain excited to see the change firsthand.

change it was.

it is hard to describe how the market felt. the tangible difference it makes when each and every vendor present is representing themselves, selling the fruits of their hard work, displaying the beautiful gifts offered from the land they steward.


it was a great day. personally. professionally.

now in the foggy day after i sip iced tea and hope for rain. i urge each of you to support the beautiful local food scene wherever you are. throughout history vendors and customers have gathered at markets. commerce and community happening for one spectacular day of exchange. right now, with the energy of the early season, i felt so nourished. these weeks will grow exhausting, i know that. for now, i bask in the beauty of a market season officially underway.


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