withalittlehelp from my friends…

Let me just say that you know you’ve got some real good friends when they take a day away from the demands of their own very busy farm and make the trek to your farm to shear your sheep for you. Before they shear their own flock

Let me just say that I am seriously indebted to those dear friends…IMGP1489Thanks to Paul and Robin and the Hill and Hollow shearing team, my lovely Shetlands are packing around a whole lot less wool this evening than they were this morning. A few of the ladies are almost unrecognizable to me now that their distinctive fleeces have been sheared away. I even think the ewes don’t quite recognize one another! And now some of the lambs that were born early in the lambing season look like giants when they stand next to their dainty mamas. IMGP1486Last year, I sheared my own small flock with hand shears. It was a fairly long-winded process for me, and a little hard on the back, but one that I enjoyed very much. This year, though, I have added a few more sheep to the medley and well… here’s the news… I’m pregnant. Maybe I forgot to mention that. So to think about hunkering down over the sheep for their parlor time, and to think about how my already expanding body (the fourth baby does that to a woman) would feel after the shearing process… well, my aging self is learning her limits. I think that it was in the same breath I told Robin that I was pregnant I also asked if they would please, please shear for me this year. We joked that the whole reason I got pregnant again was to have the leverage to guilt-trip them into shearing my sheep… heeheehee. (It worked!)IMGP1476What a truly lovely day it was. The weather was nearly perfect, the sheep were mostly well-behaved, and I got the gift of spending time with some of my most favorite people in the world. And my sheep are shorn. That’s my perfect image of the perfect baby shower. What a lucky lady I am.IMGP1467Now, would you look at this pile of wool!!! Baby #4 will have no shortage of woolen garments to wear, I can assure you! IMGP1484


6 thoughts on “withalittlehelp from my friends…

  1. Congratulations! What exciting news! How sweet for your friends to come help you out! I miss living in the country (live in town and hate it) and having neighbors to depend on. I look forward to seeing what you knit up with all that wonderful wool!

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