right now:: hatched

a word and images from madeline

yesterday, after waiting 26 days, when me and mom took our duck eggs off the turner and onto the wire rack, we noticed a peck hole in one egg and heard some peeps. by afternoon a tiny web footed duckling was out. next morning, william comes running into my room shouting “there is a new duckling, come look!”


i went to look and sure enough there was another black duckling.hopefully there will be more over the next few days. meanwhile, i will be happily watching my two new ducks.



4 thoughts on “right now:: hatched

  1. How exciting! (Or egg-citing!) I have 4 little ducklings of my own right now – two yellow Pekin ducklings whose white feathers are just starting to come in and two orphaned Mallard ducks that we are caring for until they decide they want to go back to the wild.

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