we met

this might seem a bit strange to you all, odd coming from the fingers of a blogger, but i don’t really like the computer. it is a very useful tool for me, but i limit my time here at the screen and harbor a certain distrust for most electronic communications. i don’t have a cell phone at all and honestly, i just kind of shy away from a lot of technology that swirls around me these days.

based on this description of myself, you can only imagine i really did not think it possible to create a relationship through this world wide web.

i mean really.



and so this weekend it came to pass that i was proven wrong. yep. i made an internet friend. it was autumn of 2012 when a  weaver bought the first skeins of our hand dyed indigo yarn that i listed in our etsy shop. internet equivalent of love at first sight. over these years we have corresponded more and compared notes on natural dyeing. she has purchased more and more of our naturally dyed indigo yarn and remained our first and most devoted fan. needless to say when she asked she could stop by the farm with her family while traveling through the area, i was thrilled and a wee bit scared. we were friends, but were we?


we created this space, my fellow farmwives and i, as a place of sharing,  a spot to expand our community and to enhance our creative selves. these past days, when i so immensely enjoyed face to face time with folks that i NEVER would have met if not for this computer, this space and these tools, i felt so thankful. grateful for the community we can create around us with the technology offered us today.


i strongly believe in  great limits to screen time, for children of course, but adults too. everyone should learn how to put down the smart phone, walk away from the desktop, and enjoy the beauty of  the people and world around you. i met my new friend through this web and for that i am so thrilled. in those lovely 24 hours we spent this weekend, walking the creek, moving the sheep, touring the gardens and sharing meals, i never noticed anyone on their phone!



8 thoughts on “we met

  1. I love this post! I wish my kids would put down their smartphones and just be with my husband and I, uninterrupted and fully engaged in the moment. Glancing up between typing and scrolling seems so disrespectful to me.
    How wonderful that you got to meet your friend and had a great time!

  2. I just started an Etsy store.Wwhat is yours? I may want to buy some wool as I am slowing down on gardening and getting more into fiber arts now that the kids are gone .I also do some natural dying and sell some Woad seed . I share your views with the technology . My husband and I met some dear friends in Missouri the same way and visited them. We all were nervous when we first met . She was in a herbal group that I am also in . You meet some of the most connected people that way! :)Sharon

      • Gifts from the gardens id the name I think The link to it is on my website http://www.sharonsnaturalgardens.com as well as my local harvest listing and facebook page. I am sorting through a lifetime collection of weaving materials getting my weaving and sewing rooms set up in the childrens old bedrooms I still have a guest room for them to stay when they visit . I am going to Ireland in August with my son and plan to visit farms !

  3. I agree that technology has it’s time and place. I end up meeting so many great people through blogs but as most of them are gardeners, like myself, we tend to disappear during the growing season. What a great experience to meet an online friend, face to face!

    • indeed. it is hard to keep up with blogging of any kind during the busy growing months, thanks for taking the time to read and respond here. it is wonderful to hear from you.

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