there is always a first time

each and every saturday since that dramatic first delivery for Hill and Hollow CSA in 2000, we have loaded every member of our family into the vehicle in the still night for the now so familiar 100 mile journey to the metro Nashville farmers market. back then it was a lone child nestled between mama and papa in our ’82 ford  f-150. a newly turned one year old boy. then years later the pair:  a toddling boy and a daughter in arms, golly. more years pass and another babe born into the market routine. waking before dawn on saturday and hitting the road all together is a family tradition. and you know, traditions are hard to change.


it was a tough decision to leave papa home with our youngest and our oldest.  we each have our significant role on market day. it is a long and important work day that we each treasure for many reasons. CSA delivery is the moment of gratification, of connection, of appreciation, of affirmation . we are restored in a super caffeinated, sleep deprived kind of way and it is a hard day to miss.




for extreme personal familial reasons, we changed it up. whether it be a lasting shift or a one time only, that remains to be seen, but this past market day mother and daughter loaded out pre dawn and rocked the market in ways we never thought possible.

we work together every day, my children and i. some days are lovely, some full of nagging and respondent eye rolling.  madeline has her own agenda at the market. a fluid dance that has evolved in her 12 years of saturdays. between urban pals and vendor buddies, i feared her plans might not mesh with having to operate the market stand with me. as it turned out, nothing could have been farther from the truth. my daughter was awesome, making sale after sale, filling CSA baskets, holding down the stand of a fellow vendor when he unexpectedly had to leave market. mindful and lovely, i was so proud.

with a pocket full of cash and a bag of greasy chips we rolled home, my girl and i. despite an unexpected vehicle breakdown (fixed by our dear fellow vendors from  Barbour Farms and Noble Springs Dairy) we relished the time to talk uninterrupted and to share a special day. the trip was simultaneously so familiar and so new. change is good friends, change is good.



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