right now : : new digs

by anyone’s assessment other than our own, a hatching of 2 ducklings could not be called a success. we too were a wee bit disappointed with the results, but that does not make these 2 feathered friends any less perfect.

called storm and calm or day and night or duckies duckies duckies duckies duckies these are definitely the most doted upon ducks in the universe right now.

with a brooder project finally complete, their home for the next weeks is a lovely one.





best friends, a new house, two is good.

1 thought on “right now : : new digs

  1. I think our two Pekins, Lou and Lily, might tie for that most doted upon duck award. I just had to practically drag my daughter inside, out of the rain, leaving the two ducks for some time of their own. Just moved them into their temporary outdoor housing last night. Once they are big enough, they’ll be living with the chickens. Are yours Cayugas?

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