two teens

as if i didn’t have enough going on.

early june, the farm is in full frantic swing. we are going it alone (i.e. sans apprentices, an unusual twist for the farm) and, and, i am leaving. yep. you heard it. going on vacation.

back in the winter, the time when everything seemed possible, i booked a trio of tickets to california.  marin county beckoned and in a few short days,  we will go. this tale is not about my trip, no will hear so much about it here.  this week’s tidbit is about our guest for the days ahead:  my boy’s best friend.

with a second teen age boy on the farm, things here are a whole lotta crazy: everything is faster and louder and bigger! i must say, the delights of watching two buddies who have known each other since they were bald babes in arms, are too numerous to list.


and with that i bid you all farewell for a couple of weeks. i will be on the coast and totally unplugged. best of times friends, best of times.

6 thoughts on “two teens

  1. Enjoy your vacation! You are smart to stick with your plans and unplug. How else do we recharge ourselves? And – with summer and fall closing in fast, there will be plenty to do (as always). Have a grand time!

  2. thank you so much. i have to admit this is the first trip i have had in a very long time. it is hard for me to even imagine what will unfold!

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