right now :: strong small things

There’s this spiderweb. It’s there in the doorway of our tool shed each and every morning.  The web is large and well made.  Each and every day I appreciate it’s beauty. I look to see what it has caught.  I even duck to avoid it the first time I go in to grab of scoop of chicken feed.spider 2

It is inevitable that in the course of the day the web will be messed up. But the spider re-builds each and every night.

I just met the builder.  It’s this tiny little spider.  I’m amazed, and even a little proud of it.  I could only dream of being so productive, so creative, as this.spider 1

3 thoughts on “right now :: strong small things

  1. My husband used to catch flies and feed them to the spiders . Years ago we had so many giant orb spiders in our summer gardens- now I rarely see any .We have never sprayed but I am sure their dissapearance is due to our neighbors spraying

  2. The first time the lady that became my wife came to my house she noticed a spider web in the corner of the dining room. She was nonplussed. I was going to sweep the web away but relented when I noticed the web was full of mosquitoes…anything that eats mosquitoes is worth keeping.

    I, too, would feed the spider.

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