and then there’s this…

Ok. So. As Coree mentioned a few days back, I’ve been having trouble with my internet service which is why my voice has been pretty quiet around these parts. If I am attempting something online that requires more than two minutes, I might as well forget it. Our telephones aren’t working very well either, which is a pain when one really needs to use the phone, but doesn’t bother me too awful much because I’m not a big telephone chatterer (and Robin, my primary telephone companion, has been out of the state). Plus, the days are so very full right now that the inconvenience of not having reliable internet or phone service seems a minor detail in the broader spectrum of all we are doing and we just can’t seem to squeeze in the time to holler at the phone company during “normal business hours”.

So, we’ve been busy on the farm. Very busy. The garlic harvest is complete. A quarter-acre of the stuff, mostly harvested in the sweltering heat. The blueberries are ripe and require diligence if you hope to beat the birds to them. Wild blackberries hang heavy in the hedgerows and tempt me with the memory of last year’s delicious blackberry wine. The tomato harvest is picking up steam. We’re battling deer in the sweet potatoes and very soon will have to watch that raccoons don’t trash the sweet corn. And, of course, the weeds are going bonkers. Despite all of the hours upon hours of cultivation and weed pulling we’ve done, the weeds still seem to be winning. We’re beginning to start fall crops and prepare the garden space for those crops. And, this time of year, our weekly rhythm is defined by our Friday harvest and Saturday market in Nashville, which really gives us the feeling that each week lasts just a few days. And despite all of the demands in the garden right now, our livestock still require our undivided attention twice per day.

Oh yeah, right… I’m also six months pregnant and have three other small children that seem to always be hungry and in need of clean clothes to wear. Right. A full time occupation lies in just keeping up with those two tasks. (Or not keeping up, as the case may be.)

And then, just when life is full to bursting, just when I think I can’t really handle anything more, there’s thisIMGP1681I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! I promise I wasn’t so overwhelmed and in need of a break that I feigned injury. Really. And I wish I could chalk my injury up to something dramatic like wrestling a bull or warding off a feral hog or being attacked by a rabid opossum. Nope. I simply stepped awkwardly on a rock in the yard while feeding Ira’s chickens and went down for the count. I’ve done so many stupid things in my days that should have resulted in a broken bone or two but to this point have skirted by, unscathed. Leave it to me, a leisurely morning stroll in the yard lands me with a broken ankle and orders from the doctor to sit still and don’t do anything. I’ll tell you, the having-to-sit-still troubles me more than the pain in my leg. Consider me adequately challenged. Now, where is my knitting? That is something I can do…


12 thoughts on “and then there’s this…

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! It is sooooo nice to see your sweet face & read your thoughts❤️ And, pregnant with a broken leg! Did I read that right? Please, give my love to your beautiful self, your vibrant, brilliant littles, and your farm, which has brought my family so much peace and inspiration. We miss you guys! With Love, Susan

    • So nice to hear from you, Susan! Yep… pregnant with a broken leg. I sure didn’t plan for this! We would love to see y’all sometime, Jim mentioned maybe camping here the end of the month? That would be great and you would be most welcome. It’s been too long! With love, Cher

  2. My dear, Cher! My goodness! Let me know if you need some help. I can come help for a few days. You get some rest and lots and knit yourself silly. Much love, xoxo Diana PS you look beautiful and I love the purple.

  3. My dear, Cher! My goodness! Let me know if you need some help. I can come help for a few days. You get some rest and knit yourself silly. Much love, xoxo Diana PS you look beautiful and I love the purple.

    • Thanks, lady. You are so sweet. My sister has the kiddos for a few days, so that I can rest and just stare at the wall if I need. And knit. Thank heavens I can knit. Otherwise I think I would go insane. Take care of yourself, too! Love you, Cher

  4. You did a great job of decribing the summer realities. I no longer have the prenancy, market or little ones but the rest is there. It is funny how the universe( God ect ) shuts things down to give us what we truely need .. even if things don’t get done in the garden. Enjoy your knitting and little ones …

    • This predicament is certainly not what I think I need, but yes, in the bigger picture I may very well look back on these days and be thankful for this time. Thanks for reading along…

  5. Oh my. You look radiant and continue to have beautiful color sense! Congratulations on the new one coming to join your lovely family. Your ankle will heal before you know it. I wish that I were close enough to lend a hand. Don’t let all that knitting keep you from a great opportunity for a good read. Still celebrate your brief chapter at the ranch! Love to you and your beautiful family that was but a dream then.

    • Hi Annie!
      So good to hear from you… And yes, I do so fondly remember my time living on your ranch. The bathtub out in the garden is still a favorite!
      You like how I color coordinated my blueberries and ice cream with my skirt? Totally on purpose… hahaha!
      Love to you,

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