right now:: flash

most of the time our farm is lovely. we sit along the idyllic banks of the flat rock creek,  our bottom land offers us moisture in dry summers, a cool respite on the hottest days. alas, last monday she showed her strength, that flat rock did, and i am still a little shaky.


it was about 6:00 pm on monday and we experienced a flash flood:  over 6 inches of rain fell in less than 30 minutes and the creek swelled in a way we had never seen. in this dramatic show of nature’s power, i felt desperate and giddy and thankful and tired simultaneously.


these images probably have meaning only to those of you that know our farm and have meandered the bottoms along the flat rock creek. still, i feel compelled to share with all of you. now, in the wet aftermath, i have settled into thankfulness. all is well. fences will be repaired. crops will be replanted. today, the sun shines bright.

3 thoughts on “right now:: flash

  1. Yes, we must bow to the power of nature , still being rgrateful for the blessings too. It is humbling indeed.

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