we do it anyway

Did you notice our new “donate” button? It’s there – on the right of the home page, just under the place where you can click to have our posts delivered to you by email. Several people have suggested that we put such such a button up, but it has taken us awhile to get around to making that happen.economy 2

The three of us make our living by the combined efforts of our bodies and brains, with major contributions from the weather and the living earth, of course. And there is no doubt in my mind that each of us loves living like this. That first ripe cantaloupe is worth it’s weight in gold. We are wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. There are members of royalty who could only dream of eating like we do, each day. The work we do, and the food we eat, contributes to invaluable good health and vitality. Heck – why on earth would we need money?

To pay the bills, that’s why.

here it is.  the gold.

here it is. the gold.

Gone are the days when you can trade eggs for dry goods at the country store, or be given a milk cow as a child and use your collected earnings from her excesses to buy a farm. Land, the source of ALL livelihood, has become a commodity. People make money off of land, the earth (now known as Real Estate) by pure speculation, without reference to location, fertility, ecology or surrounding human community. I believe that this is one of several major contributing influences to the collective madness of our times. Another by-product of that madness is that our civilization at large does not value the laboring of the human body and human intelligence in reference to the land.

But we do it anyway.

We find the people who do value our labors and the wonderful food that pours out of the land. Without that support, we could not live on the land and pay the bills. We could not afford to engage our bodies and minds in this craft. Each of us really loves what we do. We’re grateful to be able to do it.  And we believe that by forging these relationships between grower and eater, land and community, we are creating an economy that serves us all ~ family, vegetable, creek water, and microbe alike.  It’s an economy where everyone thrives.

Each of us farmwives is a good many years away from the experience of making money by way of a purely cerebral, or creative act. It seems like a foreign concept in our little farm worlds. But we’re broadening our horizons. It’s seasons like this that drive the message home. Now we’ve got one farmwife scooting on her butt to sweep the floor while she’s seven months pregnant, and another counting losses and mending fences during tomato season. There is no separation between our livelihoods and our LIVING. There’s no clocking in and out of work here. Our families, our farms, our homes, our economies are all one big, living, breathing package.economy 3

Sharing the ride with you, readers, is a joy, just like the first tomato. We love those good tomatoes, and we also share them in exchange for financial support. Just so, the donate button is our gesture of letting this creative space, where we open the windows of our lives to the world, support us as well.

There’s no demand. No expectation. If you have the means, and like what we do, then we are grateful for your support. If you like what we do, but do not have the means to donate, we are still grateful for you. Together, let’s create the economy the way we want it to be. Just like that.economy

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