I celebrated a birthday this week, and it was a dandy.birthday 2

A couple days before the birthday-proper, my family gathered for feast and fun.

birthday 1

I am so thankful for their goodness and resilience over the years, for their generosity and love.  They gave me beautiful and thoughtful gifts, including this awesome skein of hand-dyed wool, which serves to heightens my excitement about Robin’s fiber workshop in August.

birthday 6

My birthday dawned overcast and muggy, with a chance of rain in the forecast.  The ground was dry enough to dig and the potatoes were still under there.  There were some other plans in the works, but we scrapped them and hit the field.  It was a great family group effort.

birthday 3birthday 5

And, I got 700 pounds of potatoes for my birthday!  What a day!  We were pretty worn out afterward, but a lengthy dip in the creek revived us and inspired the creation of a really beautiful pineapple upside down cake.  What more could a woman want?

birthday 4

I am so thankful for another year to live this wonderful life.  So thankful.


3 thoughts on “thankful

  1. So much beautiful positivity, it’s so beautiful to read this post. So refreshing, it brought a smile to my face! 😊

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