hands on. more little knits.

IMGP1512Well, with this broken leg, big pregnant belly, and inability to get out into the rough terrain and mud in the garden on my crutches, I have passed many hours with my knitting needles clicking happily away. These particular projects were actually mostly completed before my big fall, so there are many (many) more coming your way. I hope I don’t bore you to tears over the next few weeks with photos of knitted stuff instead of all the goings on in the gardens right now… but I’m a little bit out of that loop and pretty well tangled up in yarn. It’s not a bad place to be, really, despite my lingering feelings of guilt at not being able to help out more in the garden at the height of the growing season! 

So, during this “down” time, I am still starting new knitted projects but I have also made myself a deal that I would finish ALL of the unfinished projects that have been hanging around… some for years (yes, years) now.  We’ll see how that goes! I think maybe this compulsion is being nudged along by my nesting instincts that are kicking in as this pregnancy speeds along – 30 weeks now! Ya know, getting all those ducks in a row. Anyhow, here’s a few more baby things that I really enjoyed knitting. Not too much longer and there will actually be a baby that can wear them! Holy cow!IMGP1510 {This diaper cover is the “WHW Plain Wrap” by Ruth Garcia. Super cute, super easy, and a free pattern. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/whw-plain-wrap }IMGP1511{This sweater is called “Flax” by Tin Can Knits. Very simple and free pattern that comes in a range of sizes for the whole family. http://blog.tincanknits.com/2013/10/25/flax/ }

There you have it, friends. Thousands of additional stitches coming your way soon, so stay tuned…


11 thoughts on “hands on. more little knits.

  1. As always, good to hear of what all is going on in your life. Sorry to hear about the broken leg, but so surprised it didn’t happen long ago! Ha Ha! You’ve always been an adventurer! When is the baby due & do you know the gender yet? Looks like he/she will have a large wardrobe of warm, beautiful clothes! Wanted to let you know that at about the time you have your new baby (Sept. 30th is my last day), I will be finishing my career here at BSU. I’ve been with the library for 35+ years & here in CAP for 25 years. Enough is enough! I’m ready for my next adventure. I will most certainly be centered around my watercolor painting, but who knows where this path will lead me? So take care & enjoy this summer of rest. Love,

    • I can not believe you’ve been working at BSU for 35 years. Wow! I would say you are very deserving of moving on to your next adventure! I would love to see some of your watercolor painting… is there a way online to go about that?
      Baby #4 is due in early October, and the gender is anybody’s best guess. We like the surprise!
      So good to hear from you, Cindy.
      All the best,

    • Cleverest? Not so sure about that one… desperate to still feel slightly productive might be a better description. I sure miss seeing you (and your little family)! xo

  2. I started a new knitting project on baby Billie’s due date the other day and was wondering if you were knitting up a storm for that baby with your leg being broken. Hope all is as well as can be! XO

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