two girls, two sweaters

IMGP1804 In addition to all of the baby things that have come off my knitting needles lately, I’ve not forgotten my two girls that also love mama’s hand knit garments. Or at least they give me that impression so as to not hurt my feelings. Whatever the case, the girls each scored a new sweater during this time that I’ve been out of commission. Not that they really need wool sweaters when it is 95 degrees outside, but hey, surely the heat won’t last forever. IMGP1805 I saw this sweater pattern and absolutely loved it, particularly the sweet little pockets that are worked into the hemline. Just right for little shy hands or precious loot. The pattern is “Puddle Duck” by Melissa Schaschwary. {} (I am still having trouble with my hyperlink function, but if you want to look at my Ravelry notes, my handle is bugtusslemama)IMGP1806The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. We get that catalog in the mail and I let the girls pick the color they wanted from the broad palette of colors in the glossy catalog picture. Opal poured over the choices for a very long time and settled on gray. “Gray?” I asked… “Yep, gray” was her sweet reply. Livi looked at the selection for all of two seconds and quickly jabbed her finger on the Rooibos heather and walked away. I’ll say, those two small gestures are very indictitive of their two very distinct personalities…IMGP1808

4 thoughts on “two girls, two sweaters

  1. They are beautiful sweaters and your girls look like they love them! I want to bookmark this for my little babe – pockets are a necessity for her.

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