right now :: mexican sour gherkins

It’s heavy duty harvest time.  There’s a constant to-do of picking, packing, and preserving.  It’s intense and hot and beautiful.  But right now, I’m loving these.  They look like little baby watermelons….mexican sour gherkins

Mexican Sour Gherkins, melothria scabra, technically speaking.  They are a relative to cucumbers, but not close enough to create an issue in our seed saving schemes.  We picked them from a seed catalog on a bit of a whim, with the kids of course.  We only have three plants, but they have covered a tomato cage, in the midst of a row of tomatillos and cherry tomatoes.  And they have borne fruit in abundance, none of it larger than the end of my thumb!

I wouldn’t grow these sweet little things for market, but for summer family snack-time – they’re a winner.

The fruit is crunchy, cucumber-y, and yes, when fully ripe, a tiny bit sour.  In the morning, before the sun begins to roast the garden, it is a great pleasure to make this tiny harvest.  If Levon doesn’t eat them all, I may make a jar of pickles from them yet!

mexican sour gherkins 2

4 thoughts on “right now :: mexican sour gherkins

  1. Hello Coree. We grew a small patch of these as well this season and did manage to put up several pickled pints. I did a bit of research and found that they are a hot item for cocktail embellishment in many upscale gourmet markets fetching a price of $25.00/lb.

    • Hi Myron! Heavens to Mergatroid – I might consider growing them for market at $25 per lb. I hope you’re having a great season!

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