hands on. little owls.

My knitting frenzy has certainly slowed down lately… as my leg heals and I find myself more mobile and more capable of standing. (And, shhhh, walking on my hard cast… don’t tell my doctor. But he’ll probably be able to figure out that I’ve been walking around by the condition of the bottom of my cast. Yesterday, I had to add some layers of duct tape to make some repairs. Ahem.) But the knitting does continue, just not with the fervor of several weeks ago. IMGP1855One of the sweetest little things that has come of my needles was this “Owlie Sleep Sack”. It is knit in very, very soft 100% merino (Knit Picks Preciosa) and should be warm and snuggly this winter when our sprout is just a wee thing. If you notice, the cable pattern band around the top of the sack is made up of a bunch of little owls. I’m not much of cable-knitter, but I found this to be quite simple and just so cute. I had enough yarn left from my skein that I couldn’t resist knitting a matching hat. I mean, really. Who could? The patterns come from Teresa Cole and her blog Comfort Wool. http://comfortwool.blogspot.com/ (You can also find them on Ravelry. And I’ll have my own knitting notes up there soon, too)IMGP1850And the model in my photos? Well, that little doll was one I made for Ira’s first birthday. My goodness, that was nearly eleven years ago now. That doll has survived all three of my kids and is still holding together well enough to hopefully last through the playing of this next one, too. And when the new baby grows out of his/her sleep sack and hat? I’m sure the doll won’t mind being snuggled up in it…IMGP1853

4 thoughts on “hands on. little owls.

  1. My cast came off my foot last week after nearly 15 weeks…now the real hard work begins! Hope you don’t have too long left with it on and you have a good recovery xx

    • Thanks so much! The cast is supposed to come off in one week, then on to a walking boot. I just want my foot to be free by early Oct. when the baby is due!

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