I’m thankful today for generous, well established friends and their well-tended gardens and orchards.  And I’m not the only thankful one.


jelly 3This friend made a statement in passing about “having to pick those grapes again”.  “So many grapes!”  I told her I would be glad to help her with that problem, and she brought me a big bag of gorgeous purple grapes.

Last time I got my hands on grapes, I juiced them and canned the juice.  But we are not huge juice drinkers.  This time I made jelly.  With pectin, and sugar.  Isn’t that awful?  Awful yummy.

Isn’t the color amazing? Like a glowing jewel, on toast.jelly 2

I’m thankful for this kind of treat.

4 thoughts on “thankful

  1. We got a lot of grapes this year too though they are small because I didn’t prune them. I have so many jars of various jellys- enough for several life times including grape . I decided to can the jice and make wine with the pulp. Only the clearest juice is canned and the rest goes into the wine and after that to the chickens then the compost pile . A bumper crop of dessert pears and being dried too .They make great travel snacks and are great in cereals and baked goods . I sell them dried too . Those jellys make great jelly -filled Christmas cookies .

    • jelly filled cookies! great idea! i’ve been dreaming of a holiday jelly roll. also thinking of apple jelly infused with tulsi. once it starts, it goes on and on!

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