saturday redo

i have already mentioned our new saturday routine here.  these days off have been so rich, so full, so free, so decidedly awesome, i feel compelled to write about it again!

i guess what i am trying to say is as a commercial vegetable grower there is a whole bunch of things that are completely abandoned during the growing season. you would expect knitting and reading to be on that list, but honestly, so is house cleaning. add also superfluous culinary activities. add again non urgent laundry. are you getting the picture?   in our new era, the one where farmer paul and i alternate market weeks, i am finding these tiny windows of time every other saturday to do one or more of said activities and my home and family are so much better for it.


i am an extrovert by nature and it was a challenge for me to let go of my weekly super intense social time. admittedly, once i allowed change to enter i immediately noticed every other week is enough. running the market stand solo is socially saturating and i get full blown uninterrupted micro chats since i am not also  juggling my entirely too active, over tired toddler.


these days remain unique and unphotographed. why? logistically, currently my only tool to document is the family ipad which is also our point of sales device. said technology is with my mate on these saturdays at the farmers market. i can only offer a mental glimpse of change.  if you arrived at the farm and entered our homestead you might just notice the house is a tiny bit cleaner,  the piles just a smidgen smaller, my  family slightly less stressed and me wondering why on earth it took me 16 years to figure this one out.






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