savoring september

IMGP2079After breakfast this morning, I lingered at the table in the outdoor kitchen. There was a slight breeze blowing through the forest and a steady trickle of leaves fell to the ground. I watched, mesmerized. The days have still been hot this week, but we are expecting a drastic change in the weather in just a few days. Autumn is knocking on the door. True, it is my favorite season and I do not lament summer’s passing… but, truth be told, I am hanging on to each day right now. Savoring them. I am thoroughly enjoying the hours spent at the creek each afternoon, basking in the September sun and knitting a few rows on a project while the children swim and play. Or sitting in the flowing water and enjoying my extra buoyancy while the cool water removes excess heat from my body. I know that as soon as we have some cooler weather, the creek water will quickly become too cool for relaxed swimming and that will be that. We will move on to other activities and splashing in the creek will lose its appeal. I’ve not had enough creek-time this summer because of my broken leg and I suppose that right now I am making up for lost time.IMGP2070IMGP2058There’s something else, too. When this transitional month of September passes, the time will be ripe for us to welcome this new life that has been brewing in my belly these past eight months. While I am eager to finally meet this new soul, I am also in no hurry for my pregnancy to be over. I am one of those strange souls that really enjoy being pregnant. The mystery of it all is intoxicating. It leaves me in awe. So, I’m going to continue to savor these September days in whatever form they present themselves… and be thankful for these beautiful days that feel like a generous gift. IMGP2080


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