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Cleaning up a pile of papers by my side of the desk, I ran into this jewel of a story, which I transcribed from the mouth of my then four year old daughter:

“So, this Unicorn has born before everything else, even before Hansel and Gretel, a long long time ago.  She didn’t even need a mom or dad, she just came out of her own belly and she could take care of herself.  She was the first creature.

She walked around looking at things, and then she walked into the jungle where Mowgli lived.  First she didn’t recognize him, then she did.  She and Mowgli made friends.

One day Mowgli realized she wanted him to j

ump onto her back, and when he did, she ran off, out of the jungle, and all the buffalos followed, and they ran out into the hills, and then they were tired, so Mowgli stretched out his feet and they rested.

The Unicorn and Mowgli went all around the world.  They could hardly stop.  They were going so fast Mowgli could hardly see anything.  They only stopped when they needed to eat or sleep. 

When they saw clouds puffed up they knew it was going to rain.  They ran so fast so the rain couldn’t get them.”

thanks colleen stewart for capturing that moment.

thanks colleen stewart for capturing that moment.  pokeberry eggplant delight.

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