bye bye basil

i was sort of ridiculed at a gathering this past weekend when i expressed my jubilation at the first killing frost that had occurred around my region the night before. i looked about the room for some support for my excessive glee. sure, i am sorry to see the passing of summer, but if you haven’t had your fill of pesto by now, well, no comment.

life is wild on a family farm during the frenetic summer months. honestly, with the coming of winter we look ahead with such joyful anticipation of the longer nights, the warmth of the wood stove and a wee bit more free time.

so, happy frost y’all, we have had 3 nights in a row and around here, we are celebrating!


all good things must come to an end.

4 thoughts on “bye bye basil

  1. The changing of the seasons is great, and there is something exciting about that first frost. I only wish my life slowed down as well with the coming of winter…

  2. Yesterday, before the basil was completely gone, I picked all of the good leaves off and made a huge batch of pesto to freeze into pesto cubes. It leans heavily toward holy basil and I used sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts. Delicious!

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