well, hello there

It’s been awhile, huh?

I guess I sorta lost track of time since my sweet Elowyn came into the world. Maybe you can see why…IMGP2628She has rocked my world in so many ways. From her 1 hour and 37 minute labor and arriving before the midwife, to the way she continues to smile even when she is clearly upset. I am seriously in love. The whole family is. She has my heart in her hands and when she gives me her big toothless grin I utterly melt. I just can’t help it. And gee whiz… would you just look at those toes? How on earth could I possibly get anything done?IMGP2653My fourth baby. Not in the game plan that Eric and I had laid out but I cannot imagine my life without this little love child. I think maybe the six year gap between her and my second youngest, Livi, has really alerted my brain to the reality of just how fast the “baby” turns into the child. I don’t plan on missing a minute. So hopefully it won’t be another three months before I check in to this space again, but if it is, just know that my baby and I are having a really good time.IMGP2652IMGP2662(And FYI, I seem to be able to post more updates on Instagram these days so come say hello there @bugtusslecher )

3 thoughts on “well, hello there

  1. So adorable, and I can see what you mean about those toes. I’d be kissing and nibbling them (in a non-carnivous way, of course) all the time. How can you get anything done?

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