radical photographic art

It’s finally winter here. And it’s stunningly beautiful.  The kids are beside themselves.  The fire is blazing.  The pantry is full.  The male cardinals shine out like beacons in the bare trees.  I’d rather watch it than write about it today.  snow day

So, I’m looking through some old photos, and my memory catches to a day awhile back, spent sitting around a table with some friends.  Hooks, needles, and yarn in hand.

After chatting awhile, the first question arose:

“Where are the children?”

(Answer: Probably in the car, listening to music.)

Then the next question:

“Where is my camera?”

(Answer: Being put to good use!)radical photog 4

radical photog 1

hello there bright eyes!

radical photog 2radical photog 8

radical photog 6

and they are farm kids, after all.

radical photog 3

what’s for lunch? oh, brother!

radical photog 5radical photog 7

Lulah doesn’t know how they made the effect on these photos.  We haven’t been able to re-create it with any combination of settings we’ve tried so far.  It was a strange and beautiful fluke and they used it to their best advantage.  Ah, the birth of art.

Happy Snow Day Friends!  Please stay home!

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