hands on :: kitty

snow right now

this morning.

Yes.  I’m not going to talk about the beautiful amazing snow (which will soon be ALL MUD, but is still packed incredibly deep and solid in our yard and driveway, even after many days of temps above freezing – Holy Smokes folks, we are so unprepared for anything like a REAL winter down here, and  – THANK HEAVEN for the excellent county road grader that we are able to get out at all – whew).

Instead, I’m doing a ubiquitous cute kitty post.

Our youngest, Levon, has gotten the hang of asking Momma to knit or crochet for him.  He’s not shy at all.

“Make me one of those Momma!”  I hear it each time I look at patterns now.

snowy levon

and who could resist?

He wanted one of each of the amigurumi stuffed animals listed in the One Skein Wonder crochet book I had out from the library before Christmas.  I got him to narrow it down, and then I repeatedly asked him to re-confirm his choice.  He was firm.  He wanted the kitty.

Then we had to pick the yarn.  It didn’t call for wool or cotton.  If I could have found some wool, I’m sure it would have worked fine, but Levon found what he wanted, and that was that – a black cotton with cool sparklies wrapped into the yarn.  Again, he was firm.

Let me just tell you right now – if I ever give you an amigurumi it means I love you SO MUCH.sweet kitty 3

I got this kitty done by Christmas.  Actually, I didn’t get the eyes and nose on, because Levon wanted to choose those himself too, so they came a little later.  Because it was black, and the stitches were small (SO small), I could only work on it in broad daylight.  A fortunate day out with a grandma allowed me to put it together without little eyes looking over my shoulder.  Before that, I just let the tiny kitty pieces pile up in the work basket.  They looked like funny shaped black fruits.  The crocheting itself was rather painstaking, but watching the project come together was fun.

The black yarn meant that the white stuffing showed through, but I think it’s worth it. I sure didn’t want a floppy little kitty! Levon doesn’t care that he can see the white stuffing.  He loves the kitty.  And that makes me glad.  I like her too – she was a labor of love.  And just look at the way her tail curls.sweet kitty 1


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