winter dreamtime

snow 2It snowed again. And then again. There’s more in the forecast.  Nothing as big as that last round, but still notable for us. Laugh all you want, Northerners, this February has been a heckuva wintery ride down here in the southland. We know it’s nothing to you, but down here, it’s really NOT nothing.

Watching the snow fall, we watch the plan for the day go down the drain, again. But then, what are plans for?levon snow

The snow makes a clean palette. The mud gets covered in a beautiful white powder. All the toy monster trucks that Levon left out in his favorite mud pit? Under the snow. The torn remay row covering and anything green left underneath it? Under the snow. All the projects, waiting for a sunnier day? Under the snow. It’s temporary. It’s a reminder. It’s a beautiful opportunity to remember what deep winter time is about.

It’s dream time.

After all, we have a house to build this year. We have a whole new piece of land to dream about, and we still want to tend our little garden here this year too. That’s lots of dreams already, and those are the grown – up ones. We might as well start clarifying the vision.fresh palette

Everyone has their two cents to put in, and as we draw pictures and hash things out, it becomes clear so quickly that if we didn’t have this messy indoor dreamtime, if we just dove straight into building and DO-ing, in the longer, warmer, busier days, we could easily make a lot of mistakes in our dream actualization.

Joni Mitchell was right – dreams do lose their grandeur coming true. And the details aren’t always what you think they might be.   Dreams change, even if the heart of them stays the same.  Sometimes they are better, or different, but changes of plan don’t mean that we aren’t still building the same dream.

Our family is dreaming with our eyes open right now. We are watching for blind spots, knowing we won’t catch them all, but doing our best to consider all the nooks and crannies, our past and our future, our realities and desires.  It is amazing to watch, in waking dreamtime, what we keep and what falls away.lulah's house plancoree's house planlevon's house plan

We don’t know how our lives will look this time next year.  We just know it will be different, and that we will be sure to have plenty of firewood.

10 thoughts on “winter dreamtime

  1. this northerner isn’t laughing, but feeling blessed every time a storm goes east of us and we just get a couple of inches. After last winter, we are glad for the break! And we understand your pain. 🙂

  2. Was just picking dafodils a few days ago and looking at the quince bush full of pink buds ready to open … and now the coldest night of the winter here in southern Delaware down to 6 below . Heaters are on in the pump house and greenhouse, animals locked in , and the second stove in the house fired up which only happens once or twice/winter. I took a hot herbal bath ….haven’t had one in a few weeks. I will sure enjoy listening as your dream unfolds and will be cheering for you ….Such a wize peice, Coree . Blessings

    • blessings on your winter too sharon! i hope nothing gets more frozen than it ought to be up there. that hot herbal bath sounds like a winner.

  3. You must have stolen all our snow. Because we are just not getting any. Which to me, is a major bumer and dream crusher. I love how the young planners incorporated not just one, but two libraries in their house plans, one upstairs and one downstairs. Way to go! 🙂

  4. Exciting times- Having driven down there, I always defend.your schools closing of snow!!! Twisty, turny hills would be treacherous!!!

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