how we roll

you wouldn’t guess it by looking at me now, but i was once a city chick:   yup, born and raised in chicago. my upbringing, as with each of ours’, plays out in my adult life often and with great interest. i’ve been thinking of it lately because my first born, my baby now young man, is about to be a licensed driver.

i guess this might need more explanation for the correlation is a wee bit abstract. in my months of early driving, in those white knuckle moments of parent and child on the road, i had countless opportunities to parallel park. you know, the most challenging of the roadworthy have-tos, the hard part of that road test. i was well prepared because i tell you when you learn to drive in downtown chicago, you master the parallel park. in rural kentucky;  not so.

so today on this sunny late winter sunday, the last day before my baby’s road test. we practiced parallel parking, kentucky style, over and over again.



20′ by 9′ standard parking space. yep, i think were ready.


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