a friendly snail

IMGP3225Sometimes, as winter is fading, you feel the need for hats and mittens and scarves and sweaters lessening just a bit. And, for some of us, being on the backside of winter means your brain may feel a little sluggish and dull and desperately in need of some sunshine and color. And maybe a little mental stimulus, too. And you might also feel the seasonal spring work creeping in and you face the reality that those long winter evenings spent by the fire with a knitting project will soon be a distant memory…

Well. As you might have guessed, I might just be describing my personal reality right now. Kind of over winter, but not yet ready to face spring. Kind of over knitting hats (and how many hats does each family member need anyways?), but not at all ready to put the knitting needles away. And even though I am a great lover of neutral colors, I am kind of over gray right now, too.

So to give myself a challenge, and a fun burst of color, I wiped the dust off a book that has been on my shelf for years… Apparently waiting patiently for just the right opportunity to reach out a grab me by the collar: “Amigurumi Knits” by Hansi Signh. I will not encourage everyone to try amigurimi knitting. Mercy. (I got my mental challenge!) However, I am a wierdo virgo and meticulous shit strikes some deep and resonating chord with me. Plus, isn’t it just downright humorous that someone figured out how to get from sheep to snail with sticks and wool?IMGP3212 


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