officially obsessed

i was taught to knit by a farm apprentice in the autumn of 2006. still years away from our own yarn, let alone our own plant dyed fiber, i nevertheless became engrossed in that first mile long scarf of the nastiest acrylic.


in the decade since sheep first started grazing our pastures and my hands fumbled awkwardly with those needles, our sheep and wool projects have taken a solid place in our overall farm plan and my knitting has improved greatly.



this past winter though it happened, really happened, i crossed over into the land of complete obsession. i took the plunge, after countless hats, mittens, wrist warmers, and cowls, i cast on a garment:  a vest made of our own plant dyed indigo yarn knit by me for me.


something shifted when i first put on this top. i’m afraid i won’t be satiated until i’m clothed from head to toe in hand mades. spring is going to stop me i know, but in these final days before i don’t sit on the couch ever, i will finish this cardigan made from our Jacob’s wool.



i’ve spent the better part of the past two decades preaching about the importance of a strong local food system. i can feel the swelling excitement within about local fiber. join me, adorn yourself with hand made, locally sourced beauty. it ranks right up there with the first spring salad.





4 thoughts on “officially obsessed

  1. You are an amazing woman. I admire you and your new found knitting and dyeing skills and how you approach every new skill and your joy in learning. I am a Mother, wife, organic gardener, homemaker, baker and sometime quilter and I find you an inspiration. I’m glad you are enjoying your Life and family.

    • what a lovely comment, you made my day! it is with greatest hope each time i share a tale that i inspire, you have made me feel like a success. thank you.

  2. I really want a sheep. Really. But I live in a city, so no sheep for me at the moment (settling for the tattoo I have). In the meantime, I’m hoping to learn to spin and dye naturally. Your vest is the perfect example of “local” in so many ways. Congratulations on joining the knitting obsessed!

  3. there is so much fiber fun to be had without sheep, of course, i am truly lucky to be able to gaze out my window and watch the flock frolicking on the newly emerging spring grass!

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