The three of us, Robin, Cher, and Coree have known one another since the mid 1990’s. We all live here in the beautiful rolling hills of south-central Kentucky and Northern-middle Tennessee. Our stories are as similar as they are different, but we share a great friendship, and ties that bind us through work, play, and life.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines ‘radical’ as ‘proceeding from the root’. We like that. That’s part of why we are what we are. In this increasingly fast-paced, intense, wonderful, and dangerous world, we’ve each aimed for a root, fixed ourselves in the ground, and grown. We’ve grown families, friends, and farms from these roots.

We are farmwives. Merriam Webster has much less to say about that definition. Technically, we are all married to farmers, stewards of the land. In some ways, we embrace the traditional roles associated with farmwifing. We do a lot of cooking, from scratch, and isn’t that the classic image? But there are layers unseen here. We are in full partnership with our farming husbands, and deeply connected with our children. We also tend the land, animals, and the multiple facets of home and family run business. We are educated, modern women, choosing the pieces of modern life that really work for us, and happily walking away from that which we don’t find needful. We have computers, cars, phones, sometimes cell phones, tractors, and weed eaters. We are working women, and our work is adapted in our whole living. Not just 9 to 5. Our houses are not always as tidy as we would like, and our childrens’ hair may have more than their share of knots, but we love this work of life, being surrounded by the living landscape, and that shared love keeps us all afloat.

We gather these stories and images from our lives to share with you. We hope you will be inspired and gain insight and strength, or at least a laugh, along the way. Thanks for reading.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. You are an inspiration to me! We are currently searching for a homestead in middle TN to start a small farm and hopefully one day a CSA. I just love your blog and would love to visit with you if possible. Thanks-Jessica

  2. You all are quite an inspiration to me. We are currently on the hunt for a homestead/farm site in middle TN (White,Putnam area) to provide for ourselves and hopefully start a CSA. I love your blog and would love to come visit sometime if possible! Thanks so much-Jessica

  3. Right on, mamas. I love what you have started here and am grateful for your work in the world! Can’t wait to try this cornbread. Have just enough of Susana Lein’s cornmeal in the back of my fridge to make a quick batch. xo tallu

    • Are you my Tallu? It stands to reason–or maybe just the wonders of the universe–I would find you here too! These ladies are indeed making a difference and inspiring “from the ground up”–and so are you! Peace-Courtney

  4. What an inspiration! I, too am working on establishing a farm and have often wondered if maybe creating a partnership with friends and other families may lead to a “less lonely” lifestyle where others are working with DH and I on the farm. Your blog may lead to the answer to that question! Thanks for such a great blog!

  5. Robin, it was great seeing you again and meeting your kids. They were so sweet. Once i have a min i will sit and read this intel of wives farming, cause this city girl needs it.

  6. Came here today after reading your story in Lillipoh. Such a pleasure to find your words woven together into a warm and lovely tapestry. The strength of your connection to place and one another shines through. And I love your definition of Radical!

  7. Awwwwwwriiiiight! This is just what I was looking for! Hot diggity dowg! Having been disgusted by a “pioneer” woman and a “game and garden” somebody I thought where are the women who don’t spend 2 hours in front of the stylist before they get their picture taken for the blog? Where are the women who REALLY run the farm and are not slick Madison Avenue gals on the prowl for a Hollywood movie contract? Ones who might even go out to gather the eggs in their PJs and….. make-up – whuzzat? Thanks for being here and being real! PS I’m one of you out here on the ranch in the middle of nowhere wading up to my freezin’ knees in the water to clean out the siphon and hefting the Pulaski to clear out a drainage ditch. No make-up me, educated modern woman, choosing the pieces of modern life that really work for me. Sign me up!

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