inspired :: by yellow

We’re back from a nice long week away in the big north – Canada.algonquin 2

There are all kinds of paradises to be known in this world, beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that stuff.  We are happy to live in this southern paradise, and equally glad to have access to this northerly one.canada swamp walk

Its fair to say we basked in taking part in the things that just don’t happen here in the south.  Like the diverse evergreens, and the yellows…. (amazing golds)canada yellowcanada yellow trees

And the loons… (can you see them? its hard to get close.)canada loons

The water… (cold and clear)canada lulah canoelevon canoe ride 1canada island

So, it’s good to be home, where the oaks are still green and the tomato cages need to be stacked.  And, it’s good to be inspired by the time away.canada lake


A year ago this spring, we planted a new strawberry patch. The new patch got fairly weedy last summer, and when winter rolled around the deer hammered those plants repeatedly until there was scarcely anything left. This spring when the remaining plants began to re-grow, the patch was so scant that turning them under was the best option. We didn’t have any fresh strawberries to eat this spring, which was a painful thing! But we never got around to planting more strawberries this spring in preparation for next year’s fruit. So it goes.

But the thought of NOT having strawberries again next year has been lingering in our minds. We recalled, however, that the nearby Amish community plants strawberries each fall, covers them with row cover through the winter, uncovers them when they begin to flower in the spring, harvests a boat load of berries, and then turns the crop under… treating the strawberries as an annual crop instead of a perennial. So we did a little research and found a variety, “Chandler”, that fit the bill. But when I went to the community to pick up our weekly milk, my milk lady had a bunch of flats of strawberries in her front yard (the same variety we researched) awaiting planting. I asked about them and she told me that another neighbor had ordered a bunch for the whole community and was pretty sure there were extras. Indeed!IMGP2049IMGP2047So, in the spur of the moment, I picked up three flats hoping that Eric would agree with my decision and not think me too crazy for adding one more project to our already too long list. Lo and behold, he was very pleased and got right on preparing a couple of garden beds. The next morning, we spread compost and got those berries in the ground! It’s always fun to try something new, especially if it means we will have strawberries next spring after all!