patience is not one of my strongest virtues and knowing the sap was flowing around here and i hadn’t yet tapped my trees had me feeling a little, well, antsy.  like my dear farmwife cher, we tap the maples to feed our family’s sweet cravings and have a little extra to sell. our annual ritual was delayed by the guys’ trip to California and subsequent re-entry.

you see, sasha and i are partners in the maple syrup project, always have been. he has a love of the woods and fire and that makes him the perfect companion in a sugarin’ operation. so today, i am tired and thankful after a day spent drilling. let our sweet season begin;  better late than never.





shed going upSome of you may remember that last Spring, before the garden rush hit, we started building a storage building. It was very exciting. But, the weather turned a little too nice, and the collective energy all turned toward the garden. We threw a tarp over the platform which was to become the storage shed, and there it sat, all summer and all fall, as the work of the season took precedence.

The sun these past few days has been good for a great many things. It has drawn us all outdoors. It has helped us shed our coats and pallor. The sap has been running, of course – but we don’t have the land base to make the effort of maple tapping much worthwhile (we just go to Canada each year instead). But goodness knows, there’s plenty else to do in the sunshine. Like, finish that building project!

Our friend Wilson came down for a visit and the Good-Enough Construction Crew was back in business.shed action

I am thankful for the clear warm blue sky, day after day.

I am thankful for the persistence of my Fellow Man, diving into new work, day after day.

I am thankful for our good friend, who is willing to climb up on the roof and do the work that completely freaks me out.shed up high

I am thankful for progress, in all the forms it takes.  We’re not finished at all – but it sure feels great to have come this far.  And the sun is still shining!shed right now


this dawn i am thankful for what the day brings:  the return of my guys. we have had a tremendous 15 days and everyone is excited to reunite.

deep in my heart i am full of gratitude to our california relatives for hosting and welcoming my family into their home.there are no adequate words.


i mean really. all love. now, to the airport.