Red Springs Family Seeds

We grow all of our seeds at our farm in Red Boiling Springs, TN. They are adapted (or in the process of being adapted) to the humid south-eastern states. Our growing practices are a mix of organic and Biodynamic methods, and we also re-mineralize our soil using William Albrecht’s principles.

All orders will be shipped by USPS and our shipping charges will reflect actual cost. We estimate 3 dollars for small orders close by. We will use the 7 dollar flat rate box for larger orders.  Larger quantities are available for most varieties.

To order, please contact Coree.  Send an email with your order and contact information and we will confirm availability and shipping rates.

Beans (Approximately 100 seed for $3.50)

  • Black Turtle Bean is a small black bean. Our plants are a little more viney than most bush beans, but very productive.
  • Black Soy is a black edamame type that we use to make miso.
  • Cardinal Cowpea is a big cow red cowpea with good flavor.
  • Myrtle is a tan medium sized cow pea with origins in east Kentucky. More bushy, prolific plants than some cowpeas, with a good chunk of the beans maturing in one flush. Nice rich flavored bean.
  • Kentucky Wonder is a productive and delicious green pole bean.
  • Monkey Tail Sport is a very pretty white and red cow pea. The peas are about the size of Black Turtle.
  • Peanut – we obtained this red skinned variety from a Mennonite family in the Vernon Community. It is a good sized peanut.
  • Skunk Peas – A white and black cow pea with extra long pods and good yields.

Corn (Approximately 100 seed for $3.50)

  • Daymon Morgan corn has been grown in eastern Kentucky since the mid 1800’s. We obtained our seed from Susana Lein in 2005. It is tall, and produces multicolored ears of dent field corn. Great for cornmeal or hominy.
  • Glass Gem was an internet sensation last year. The most photogenic corn I have ever seen. It has a lot of variability and an amazing variety of colors and sizes. Cobs to about 7” and up to 5 per plant. Makes good polenta.
  • Taos Pueblo Blue Corn – A blue flour corn from Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. Has some diversity with a some red cobs and white seeds now and then. These tend to be more flinty. Makes a nice corn bread.
  • White Broom Corn is the sorghum variety used for making brooms in early America. Resists lodging.  We grow our pole beans on this plant. Needs warm soil to grow well.

Cucumbers (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • Suhyo Long – a Japanees heirloom cucumber up to 14” by 2”. Mild and burpless.
  • Shintokiwa – another long slender cucumber. This one has smooth skin and is also mild and burpless.

Eggplant (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • Casper is a white skinned eggplant with a nice mild mushroomy flavor. They are about 6 x 3 inches and take about 70 days to reach maturity.
  • Ping Tung Long – a purple eggplant about 2 by 15 inches. Tender skin, fine flavor and good yeild. An heirloom from Taiwan.

Flowers (Approximately 50 seeds for $3.00)

  • Orange Cosmo – a delight in the garden or as a cut flower.
  • Picotee Cosmo – an interesting white and purple cosmo.

Kale (Approximately 100 seed for $3.50)

  • Flat leaf kale with good winter hardiness. Original seed from Jeff Poppen.

Muskmelons (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • Amish produces 4-7 pound fruits with orange flesh and little netting on the rind.
  • Golden Jenny produces small 1-2 pound fruits with sweet orange flesh and excellent aroma.
  • Boule D’Or has pale green flesh and very sweet flavor and turns yellow as it ripens. Long season.

Peppers (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • African Cayenne is a larger sized cayenne on compact plants. There is some diversity in this variety with a few different looking peppers. Some are hotter than others, but typical cayenne heat overall.
  • Blaze – this is a stabilized cross of a cayenne and the Hawaiian Landrace. 1 by ¼ inch. Very hot and juicy.
  • Carolina Wonder – a nice blocky green to red bell pepper with good flavor.
  • Chocolate Habanero – this is a very hot habanero with excellent flavor.
  • Golden Treasure is a golden cow horn type sweet pepper with good flavor and yields. Tall plants do well staked.
  • Hawaiian Landrace – I collected this pepper at an ancient Hawaiian home site on Maui. Very very hot. About the size of Black Turtle Bean. Plants bear prolifically.
  • Lemon Drop is a fairly hot citrus-y flavored pepper originally from Peru. Wrinkly and ½ by 2½ with excellent production. Long season.
  • Serrano – classic medium hot pepper with thick walls and bright red color. Good for salsas and hot sauce.

Tomatoes – indeterminate – (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • Black Cherry is a black cherry tomato with the rich and complex flavor of a black tomato in a cherry package. Yields a little later than most of the other heirloom cherries.
  • Burgundy Cherry – this is a cross between a red and black cherry with a distinctive look and flavor.  Genetic variability could be high on this one.
  • Cosmonaut Volkov is an early red slicer with good flavor up to ¾ pound. Does best if the season is cooler.
  • Golden Jubilee is one of the best tasting orange tomatoes we have grown. Mild and juicy. OK yield.
  • Hawaiian Pineapple produces 1 pound orange/golden fruit late in the season. It’s not particularly productive and tends to crack in difficult conditions, but the taste is exquisite. We like it better than anything similar that we have grown.
  • Honeymoon is a nice round very sweet, large golden cherry. This one has some genetic variability.
  • Paul Robeson is our favorite tomato. This is a black Russian tomato with outstanding rich black tomato flavor. It’s productive for an heirloom and early.
  • Peace Vine is the Alan Chadwick red cherry. Not as sweet as most cherries but good tomato flavor.
  • Polish Lingusia is a large long pointed paste tomato with good flavor. Not as heavy yields as San Marzano but the tomatoes are twice the size.
  • San Marzano La Padina is a paste tomato with very healthy plants that yield well. It tends to cross and produce some off types. However, these usually resemble Roma paste tomatoes and are good too.
  • Woodle Orange produces ¾ pound tangerine tomatoes in abundance. We depend on it for plenty of great tasting tomatoes.

Squash (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • Tennessee Sweet Potato is a large white cushaw (Mixta) type. Mild orange flesh and large vines

Herbs (Approximately 25 seeds for $3.00)

  • Ashwaganda – this plant’s medicinal root is refered to as Indian Ginseng. The favorite Indian tonic herb. Grows up to 4′ by 3′.

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