a fire, a dinner, a clean house and the love of a community

Some of you may already have heard that our barn burned to the ground in the wee hours of Wednesday July 13th. the building was full to the tier poles of our farm and family’s necessities, it was a sobering moment to see it aflame.fireIn the minutes and hours and days that followed we walked in circles to find direction and muster up the energy to carry on. I loathe to admit, but i really have to, when i first looked at the burnt remains of the farm truck and the shell of our main barn, my initial thought was ” I can not do this”. I am far too busy already, my resources felt pretty darn scarce just yesterday, and heck, it’s the middle of July!! truckfire

and then life keeps going, nothing stops.  there are mouths to feed and squash to pick and flowers blooming. my family and community mobilized immediately. the outpouring of love and support forced me to count my blessings, rather than my losses,right away. we are fine. there was nothing, absolutely nothing, housed in that barn that can’t be bought again. Our livestock was on the other side of the farm, no lives were lost, no irreplaceable objects burnt. truly, despite this tragedy, i am so lucky.smilequickly saturday arrived. as with every other saturday over the past 17 years, we loaded the van and headed to the metro nashville farmers market. a long and exhausting day in the best of times, this trip was epic. friends and supporters swarmed us with help and gifts of all kinds. we were enveloped with the love of a community in a way that words can’t describe. 1q


i came home to a house that had been scrubbed. clean, as in really clean. my three children, who offer me plenty of opportunity to gripe, showed the best of themselves on that long saturday. settling in on a couch not covered in books and toys to sip a tea made on a clean kitchen counter. i actually had nothing to complain about. then came a knock on the door. it was our neighbors with a delivery:  a three course meal fresh out of the oven. friends,  i have been waiting for 17 years of saturdays for someone to have dinner waiting for me after the 16 hour market day! i guess i’m sorry it took a barn fire to have a clean house and a home cooked meal awaiting,  but what a delight.123

i hope this post offers each of you the opportunity to see the phoenix rising from the ashes. i have created a gofundme campaign to help us recoup our losses as we try and navigate rough rebuilding terrain. i remain surrounded by hope and light despite this loss. thanks y’all. xo

a cocktail’s tale

i have a friend. a good friend. she has been a member of our CSA for longer than i can remember. she and her man, heck, we knew them before they left nashville for the great open skies of the southwest. we knew them before they had twins (now in first grade),  we welcomed them when they came back to nasvhille.  these folks are shareholders in the CSA that we have seen through too many life shifts to count. obviously, when the opportunity to collaborate arose, we jumped.


MEEL  is an amazing culinary project. full of integrity, style and hard work.  our friend marti spends countless hours each week curating boxes for her customers that include seasonal recipes, the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients to cook those recipes and heart felt inspiration to share the meals with your loved ones. our farm’s produce, along with fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy from nearly every sustainable farm serving metro nasvhille has found its way into a MEEL box. like so many mama entrepreneurs i know, marti does the work, family, home, delivery dance with grace. right now, with her local MEEL project dangling on both sides of the viability fence, marti decided it was high time to try some alternative marketing. with a celebrity coming to the music city for an event this weekend,she arranged to have a very special MEEL box waiting for her upon arrival in nashville.


obviously a visiting celebrity is not likely to cook a family meal while in town, so her box included all locally sourced ingredients for a lovely cocktail hour. clearly, this is where we entered the story because a meyer maple cocktail was on the menu.  for this seemingly significant beverage and for the love of a friendship and collaboration we did indeed find ourselves driving through a winter storm warning to meet marti at the state line yesterday:  6 meyer lemons and 4 TBS of maple syrup were needed and there was no stopping us.


i am quite sure that right now as you read this tale, gwyneth paltrow is sipping the finest of cocktails mixed with hill and hollow farm’s meyer lemons and maple syrup.