right now : : new digs

by anyone’s assessment other than our own, a hatching of 2 ducklings could not be called a success. we too were a wee bit disappointed with the results, but that does not make these 2 feathered friends any less perfect.

called storm and calm or day and night or duckies duckies duckies duckies duckies these are definitely the most doted upon ducks in the universe right now.

with a brooder project finally complete, their home for the next weeks is a lovely one.





best friends, a new house, two is good.

right now:: hatched

a word and images from madeline

yesterday, after waiting 26 days, when me and mom took our duck eggs off the turner and onto the wire rack, we noticed a peck hole in one egg and heard some peeps. by afternoon a tiny web footed duckling was out. next morning, william comes running into my room shouting “there is a new duckling, come look!”


i went to look and sure enough there was another black duckling.hopefully there will be more over the next few days. meanwhile, i will be happily watching my two new ducks.




Spring is creeping it’s merry little self closer and closer. I can hardly believe the time has come, especially after the winter that we’ve had. But there’s no denying that we are on the threshold of spring, even if the night-time temperatures are still dipping below the freezing point. All over the farm we are seeing and hearing and smelling the change of the season. The chickens are laying, wild birds are beginning to nest, the wood cocks can be heard performing their mating ritual, and turkeys are finding their gobbles. Frogs are singing, toads are re-appearing in the evenings to hunt, and a subtle green hue is visible in the yard. My shoulders are sore from shoveling compost. My cheeks have the slight tingling sensation of being sun-kissed.  My mind is filling with lists and thoughts of tending baby plants. So much goodness is happening all around. There’s no denying that spring is a special, magical time. Here’s a glimpse into the past few busy, fun-filled and very spring-like days…IMG_6164… wading and playing in the stream, what fun!IMG_6173… Preparing the big tractor for the busy season ahead.IMG_6178… The first, and still very tiny, bamboo shoot.IMG_6184… Ira soaking up the sunshine with his most favorite critters!IMG_6186… Shorts, tank top, and bare feet. Ahhhhh, life’s pretty good.IMG_6189… Welcome fairies! Opal has your table all set and is waiting patiently for you to pay her fairy house a visit!IMG_6191… She’s always had a thing for snails.IMG_6202… Ira preparing his chick order. All winter he’s been thumbing through the catalogs, trying to make up his mind what varieties to order! Not long and the greenhouse will be filled with little peeps!IMG_6205… A happy sight. The hens are back at work!IMG_6207… Breakfast, anyone?IMG_6220… Big mama on the big tractor, rolling right along!IMG_6225… Seeds in the ground!!! Hooray!IMG_6228… And the beginnings of life in the greenhouse.

Yep, we’re spring-ing into spring around these parts!