the farmwives kitchen :: fun with grills

Let me make this clear.  I was raised (mostly) vegetarian.  We didn’t cook out.  I’m not very good at grilling (yet), but I am fascinated by it.  When my mother handed down the gas grill my grandad wasn’t using anymore, I was very excited.

These long ninety-something degree days with high humidity make me loathe to bake anything indoors.  So, when the first abundant eggplant harvest came and I needed to roast some to stash in the freezer…fruition

they got popped on the grill.

The tops are cut off, but that’s it.  No oil, no salt.  They sat on the back, where the heat is less intense.  I love the way the purple coloration stayed in the grill-marks.roasted eggplant

The eggplant turned out perfect.

The skin peeled easily and I dropped the flesh into zipper freezer bags for cold storage.

When we thaw them this winter, we will pop them in the food processor with a few cloves of fresh garlic, a large dollop of tahini, and an abundant splash lemon juice, and call it Baba Ghanoush for dinner.

May your kitchen be cool this summer, and all your harvests abundant!