inspired :: by yellow

We’re back from a nice long week away in the big north – Canada.algonquin 2

There are all kinds of paradises to be known in this world, beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that stuff.  We are happy to live in this southern paradise, and equally glad to have access to this northerly one.canada swamp walk

Its fair to say we basked in taking part in the things that just don’t happen here in the south.  Like the diverse evergreens, and the yellows…. (amazing golds)canada yellowcanada yellow trees

And the loons… (can you see them? its hard to get close.)canada loons

The water… (cold and clear)canada lulah canoelevon canoe ride 1canada island

So, it’s good to be home, where the oaks are still green and the tomato cages need to be stacked.  And, it’s good to be inspired by the time away.canada lake

right now :: recovering, exhilarated

For twenty years, we have held a gathering of eclectic, “holistic”, “alternative” farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders at Long Hungry Creek Farm.  It’s a sort of a family reunion where new folks are always welcome.conference 3

I’ve probably attended more than fifteen of those twenty years worth of gatherings.  (We call it a “conference”.)  And usually the weather is great.  Sometimes, it gets cold that weekend.  Sometimes it rains one night, or part of a day.  I cannot remember that it has ever ever rained so much and at the same time been so cold for the weekend of our get-together as it was this year.

I was completely unnerved.  This is an outdoor event.  We put up an extra tent in the yard – a big tent.  But I knew it wasn’t sufficient.

Truth was, it didn’t matter.  As soon as the people began to arrive, my apprehensions began to melt.  The people who attend this event are wonderful people.  Some went to town and got rooms at the local B&Bs.  Some camped in the rain.  No one complained.  They drank a lot of coffee and hot tea.  They ate the warm meals with gratitude.  They may have even attended MORE of the workshops than usual, because they were held in protected locations.conference 4conference 2

Both Friday and Saturday were cold and wet.   Sunday, the clouds broke and the sun warmed us, through and through.

We celebrated the goodness of another season past.  We exchanged our thoughts, and our laughter.  We delved into the mystery of the living soil, the good and beautiful earth that we share, and the simultaneous struggle and victory of being human.  This is the new agricultural revolution.  It is populated with good company.conference 1

I am grateful to everyone who took part in the weekend.  I am still sleeping it off.  And I am still exhilarated.