twenty years ago i was introduced to farming. twenty years ago i met the man who would become my husband. it was the summer of 1994 when paul and i found our way to illinois’ premier csa farm seeking what, i couldn’t say precisely.  angelic organics was the place and farmer john peterson was our host and mentor for those precious life changing months. in the two decades that have passed so much has transpired. fueled by our vision,  we purchased this land and created hill and hollow csa. we have married and birthed 3 children. we have maintained contact with our farmer mentor over all these years, but it was just this week that we saw farmer john again. it took twenty years of begging, but we got him to visit our farm.


to walk these fields with the man that introduced us to the farm life was pure joy. to host him and his lovely wife in our home was an honor. to share with him what we have created and to include him in our visions for the future hill and hollow farm stay was a peak moment in our career. thanks for coming over john and haidy, hope we don’t have to wait another 20 years to drink coffee together again.